Love Conquers All

Life would be so much easier for all of us if we just believed that God is handling it all. We give Him our problems, and He handles them. He gives us the solutions to them. No need to worry or have anxieties about them. The trouble occurs when we give Him our problems, and then take them back to fret over them! Do we enjoy being unhappy? Maybe so. However, given the choice, we would prefer being happy over being sad. God is our answer in every case. He created us and wants us to return to Him. Why not start now, instead of waiting until we are on our death bed. It’s never too late to return to God. He is the answer to all of your problems. He is kind and compassionate, and only wants you to love Him as He so loves us. Never falter from God. Let Him into your life on a daily basis. Stay close to Him, and He will reward you greatly. Now is the time to act. Our world can be saved. There is still time to act. His loving arms are open to you. Let Him into your hearts and minds, and know that He is there for you always and in all ways. It is never too late. His love for you is eternal. Stay as close to Him as you possibly can by keeping Him in your daily life.